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Industrial Lockers

Premier Lockers has been supplying industrial lockers to a wide range of businesses and organisations throughout New Zealand for many years. Our comprehensive range of industrial lockers ensures that we have the right size and right shape industrial locker in your preferred material to fulfil your specific requirements.

At Premier Lockers we work closely with organisations in every state and territory in New Zealand to make sure their locker needs are met, whether that means industrial metal locker cabinets, industrial storage lockers, or perhaps key industrial lockers.

Durable Industrial Lockers To Withstand Harsh Environments

The key requirement for industrial lockers is that they have the strength and durability to withstand the rigors of the harsh environments they are typically placed in. That could mean a production or fabrication workshop, a mechanic’s garage, or a manufacturing plant.

In these environments, well-designed and well-manufactured industrial lockers stand the best chance of withstanding the wear and tear that they are almost certain to be exposed to. When it comes to industrial lockers, the sturdier, the better. We always recommend hard-wearing steel lockers or metal lockers for industrial worksites.

Who Should Use Industrial Lockers?

Industrial lockers are the perfect storage solution for facility managers who are charged with ensuring the safe storage of the personal belongings of their staff, as well as often expensive equipment, tools, and devices owned by the business.

While utmost security of belongings is paramount, when it comes to industrial lockers it’s equally important that the locker itself is designed and built in such a way to withstand the setting it will be placed in. Facility Managers will love the durable and hard-wearing nature of Premier Lockers’ range of industrial lockers.

Testimonial: Partnering With Drilling Equipment Manufacturer

Metzke, a long-serving manufacturer of products for the drilling industry, recently invested in industrial lockers from Premier Lockers for their busy workshop. Commenting on working with Premier Lockers and the industrial lockers the company purchased, Operations Manager Mark Bilton said:

“Thank you for our recent two orders that we received of lockers for our workshop. The quality of the lockers is great and the choice we had saved us shopping around. The orders arrived on time and the whole process and liaising with your staff was seamless, thanks once again.”

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