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Digital Lockers

Premier Lockers is the leading supplier of modern digital or keypad lockers in New Zealand. At Premier Lockers, we are at the forefront of innovation in digital lockers and electronic lockers. Sometimes a traditional locking system, such as a padlock with a key or a combination lock, just doesn’t offer the security that your organisation and your users require.

Such demand for higher locker security has propelled a rise in the popularity of the digital keypad locker, electronic lockers, and lockers with code locks, especially from large corporations and government bodies that typically require an added layer of security to protect sensitive information on site.

Cutting Edge Digital Keypad Lockers

The modern, technically advanced digital locker from Premier Lockers are the perfect storage solution for any organisation that needs to ensure the utmost safety, security, and integrity of their property. Digital keypad lockers can be used to store sensitive corporate or government information, items of high value, and anything else that needs to be protected by an additional layer of security that simply cannot be provided by traditional locking mechanisms.

Ultimate Security

Digital/Keypad lockers are the storage solution of choice for facility managers who are responsible for securing and protecting various items of high value and sensitivity. But digital or keypad lockers, electronic lockers, and lockers with code locks aren’t exclusively for use by corporations or government organisations. They are also the perfect storage solution for any premises and organisations where peace of mind is truly valued, which could mean university campuses and shared office spaces.

Available New Zealand-wide

Our full range of digital code lockers – including electronic lockers, lockers with code locks, digital code lockers, and electronic gym lockers – are available anywhere in New Zealand. With offices in Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington we can work directly with you wherever you are to provide the locker storage solution that is not only beautiful, but is also durable, functional, and precisely what you require.

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