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Outdoor Lockers

Outdoor lockers need to be able to stand up against the elements of all four seasons throughout their entire period of use, without succumbing to the sometimes harsh conditions of their environment. Whether hot or cold, wet or dry, outdoor lockers need to be able to rise to meet the challenge of their exposed nature environment.

Often outdoor lockers are under cover on a balcony, hallway, or against the exterior of a building, but they are still subject to inclement weather, humidity, and more. As such, they need to be constructed of durable materials while also being designed to weather the harshest of elements. Premier Lockers is the leading supplier of quality outdoor lockers in New Zealand.

Built To Weather Harsh Envrionments

Exterior lockers are designed and built to ensure that they can weather the elements, whether that be hard rain, extreme sun, or windy conditions. Typically they are built from sturdy, water-proof materials such as steel, HDPE plastic, or metal.

Exterior lockers, usually in metal or steel, are also popular in industrial workplaces because they can withstand such harsh environments better than other locker types.

Ideal For Schools

Typically school facility managers prefer to place their lockers in a common area like a corridor or walkway, and these areas are typically partially outdoors. They are often covered by a roof, but are still open to the elements, particularly in temperate climates, as we have throughout much of New Zealand.

Premier Lockers supplies a wide range of plastic lockers that are ideal for outdoor spaces and are resistant to vandalism, fire retardant and the poly-urethane material cannot be damaged by water.

Testimonial: Proven Success

Point Cook P-9 College recently invested in new outdoor lockers for their students. The lockers would be exposed to the elements at certain times, so material choice was essential.

“We had to come up with a solution that would enable the lockers to be placed outside. There was a quite involved consultation process,” explained the Premier Lockers’ representative on site. “We tried different locations and there were lots of discussions with school staff.”

Based on advice from Premier Lockers, Point Cook P-9 College decided to convert half of their bike shed into a locker bay. The Premier Lockers team conducted a number of site visits to ensure that the new lockers were installed in the best location.

Read our Point Cook P-9 case study now.

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