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Mobile Phone Lockers

According to Deloitte, around 90 per cent of New Zealanders have access to a smartphone, so it’s not surprising that demand for mobile phone lockers is on the rise.

Mobile phones are valuable devices, costing many hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars. But they also store a large amount of important information for their owners. While many people take their phones wherever they go, there are certain situations where a smartphone must be stored securely. These include schools, some workplaces, gyms, and more.

Dedicated, modern mobile phone lockers are often the answer. And these can be taken up one level with mobile phone charging lockers, which allow the owner to return to collect their phone at full battery charge and ready to use. This is an important point, given how much we all rely on our smartphones these days. Indeed, our phones are now our portable personal computers.

The Perfect Solution For Schools

State governments in many New Zealand states recently instituted mobile phone bans in the classroom, so schools need to supply secure quality school lockers to ensure that these valuable devices are kept safe from theft.

For many children, it’s not an option to leave their phones at home, because they are used to communicate with parents before and after school. But given mobile phones are high-value items, there is a need for school administrators to provide quality mobile phone lockers for students, whether mobile phone bans in schools exist or not.

Essential For Workplaces, Public Places & More

Mobile phone lockers are not just for schools, and not just for mobile phones. Mini lockers can be used to store wallets, keys and other small items in workplaces, places of worship, and other public locations.

Most people don’t like to be separated from their phones, but there are some locations where they are banned for privacy, distraction, security, and many other reasons.

Testimonial: Proven Success

Premier Lockers has supplied many organisations with mobile phone lockers, including Whelan Property Group with Premium Mobile Phone Charging Lockers. Liam Judd from Whelan Property Group noted that:

“Jim and Mike were great to work with. They were very professional and accommodating, even with all the variations and options that the Committee requested. They made the process simple and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for no nonsense service and an excellent commitment to customer satisfaction.”