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How to choose the best locker for your needs: Part 1


For some, a locker is merely a utility. But lockers can be so much more than that just a lockable metal or plastic cupboard, and they can say a lot about your organisation. When choosing the best lockers for your needs, at Premier Lockers we believe there are many options that need to be considered.

Whether you need school lockers, storage lockers, gym lockers, bench lockers, or business lockers, knowing how to make the right locker choice is important. Taking the time to think through it will reward you with the right product that will serve your specific needs for many years to come.

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10 top tips for choosing your new lockers

There are 10 key considerations that the Premier Lockers team believe are critical for choosing the best lockers for your needs. In part one of this two-part blog, we’ll look at the first five important things that need to be considered when choosing your new lockers.

How will your new lockers be used?

The most important step in choosing the best locker for your needs is to think about how they will be used. How will the users treat your new lockers? What do your users want from a locker? Thinking about how your lockers will be used and the job you need your new lockers to do is the most important decision.

What is your budget?

For different locker applications there are many different colours, materials, accessories, styles and durability options available. What’s important is using the budget you have available most effectively to get the locker solution that most closely matches your needs. Lockers are an investment that can last many years, so find a supplier with a wide range of lockers at various price points

Consider your environment

Will your new lockers sit in a busy area where they may be bumped around and where durability is required? Do you need an elegant, seamless design to match the modern office setting where your new lockers will be placed? Answering these questions will go a long way to determining what material will work best for your environment.

It’s all about size

A common issue when choosing the best new lockers for your needs is understanding how large or small they need to be. You don’t want to be caught out not having enough internal locker space to meet the anticipated storage requirements of your users. Visualise your user needs; and remember that a little bigger is always better than a little smaller.

Consider custom designs

While Premier Lockers has a vast range of lockers to suit the needs of most clients, the best way to truly guarantee that you’ll choose the best locker for your needs is through custom made lockers. Many Premier Lockers’ clients choose custom designed lockers when they have something very specific in mind.

Keep an eye out for part two of this blog, where we will cover presentation, locking systems, external and internal design features, and locker life cycles and maintenance.

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