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How to choose the right locker

Premier Lockers suggests essential factors that you should consider to help you choose the right locker for your requirements. This blog will cover the significant aspects that should be taken into account while choosing your new lockers.


First and foremost, think about how the lockers will be used. Will users handle the lockers with care, and what do they expect from them? This step is critical in determining the type of locker you should select.


Next, determine your budget and find a supplier like Premier Lockers who offers a wide range of lockers at various price points to make the most of the available funds. Remember, lockers are a long-term investment with many different colours, materials, accessories, styles and durability options available.

Consider the environment where the lockers will be placed. If they will be in a busy area, you will need to select durable lockers that can withstand bumps and scrapes. For modern office settings, you may want to select elegant lockers with a seamless design.



Size is an essential factor to consider while selecting lockers. Ensure that you choose a size that will meet the storage requirements of your users. It’s better to opt for a locker that is slightly bigger than required, rather than too small.

Consider custom designs for lockers when you have specific requirements in mind. Premier Lockers has a wide range of lockers to choose from, but custom lockers may be the best option for some clients.

Stay tuned for the second part of this blog, where we will cover locking systems, presentation, internal and external design features, and locker life cycles and maintenance.



The type of lockers you select can communicate information about the status and positioning of your organization. Whether they are located in a secluded staff room or placed near the entrance of your facility, it is important to consider the impression you want your lockers to convey about your organization. The colors and texture of the lockers can have a significant impact, so it is crucial to take into account the paint finish and the material you choose.

Locking systems

As you weigh the importance of appearance and practicality, do not overlook the main function of your new lockers – safeguarding valuable items through locking mechanisms. At Premier Lockers, our customers can utilize our lockers to store a diverse range of items, including firearms, confidential documents, computer hardware, textbooks, mobile phones, and sweaty workout clothes.

The contents of your lockers will dictate the level of security needed, which may range from basic padlocks and key locks to card access and digital locks, as well as other custom locking mechanisms. Seek advice from a specialist to determine the most suitable option for your needs.

External design features

Consider not only how your users will use your new lockers but also how you want them to use them. Do you require a flat locker top to provide additional storage for large items, or do you prefer a sloping top to avoid clutter accumulation? Would you prefer your lockers to be raised off the floor or flush with it? Keep in mind any special requirements your users may have, as well as any location-specific factors.

Internal design features

Incorporated design elements could feature shelving, hooks for suspending items, and various compartments to arrange important possessions and small articles. Additionally, it is crucial not to undervalue the significance of appropriate ventilation.

Locker life cycle and maintenance

Selecting the optimal lockers to meet your requirements is a valuable investment. Before finalising your purchase, converse with your supplier about the lifespan of your new lockers and any necessary routine maintenance. This may influence your decision regarding the material, such as choosing between plastic and metal options.

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