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Why choosing new lockers is a sound resolution to make

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In spite of any of the claims made by all sides while debating the recent Chancellor’s autumn statement, we all appreciate that times are still tough and finances very tightly controlled. It is no surprise then that buyers are thinking carefully before making any purchases.

Our team here at Premier Lockers are as aware of this as most. We do accept, and are sometimes even asked, that when a purchase of new lockers is to be made there is a question to be asked: can I save money by going for a refurbished option?

Of course, you won’t be surprised that we are going to stoutly defend and vigorously promote our range of quality metal, steel, storage, and other new lockers. We are also reminded of a famous quote from the renowned Victorian social thinker John Ruskin: “When you pay too much, you lose a little money – that’s all. When you pay too little, you sometimes lose everything”.

Our raft of prices are keenly checked to make sure the first part of his statement doesn’t apply. It’s the second half that struck a chord with us. We know that there is often a reduced initial outlay if you opt for a refurbished product. Longer term (and not necessarily that much longer) problems often arise. There may be no warranty to cover subsequent damage, it’s likely that a series of replacement parts will be needed – often on a piecemeal and therefore more expensive basis. It’s also likely that some initial work will be required to bring them up to the standard you expect and make them fully ready for use, and it may be quite difficult to source the requisite number of same, or broadly similar, configurations.

All of the above add, and can continue to do so, to the initial – seemingly lesser – cost. On the other hand, selecting from our huge range of quality new lockers, supported with a powerful manufacturer’s warranty, makes increasing sense. Of course, we are also happy to discuss quantity discounts for orders of more than ten with you.

One of our team said recently that a refurbished locker was like a cheap Christmas tree. It looks great at the time, but when you really need it to be at its best, it tends to fall apart and much misery ensues. Not all of our people are as poetic as this, but we do know that being resolved in 2015 to purchase the quality of new locker your environment needs, helps avoid that later disappointment. Season’s greetings!